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I’m Jayne Corner.

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I’m a Master Practitioner in hypnosis, and a certified Health and Wellbeing Coach with a mission to restore your health and happiness from the inside out. Obsessed with green tea and dark chocolate, I’m here to help you create healthy and meaningful lifestyle changes, so you can start living the life you actually want, and achieve the health you deserve.

After a decade spent in the fast-paced world of advertising, and experiencing the crazy impact of stress and overwhelm firsthand, I’m now passionate about teaching a more fulfilling approach to living life.

Because here’s the thing, when you’re feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, it’s easy to fall into ‘survival mode’. You tell yourself that your 'ways of coping' with life are just for the short term, to help you get through this week…and then the next…and the next.. but before you know it, you become stuck in a never-ending cycle…

…and the longer the stress and overwhelm in your life continue, the harder and harder it becomes to summon the energy and the motivation to make a change. It can all just feel too hard. Over time your choices can seriously start to impact upon your health, and often lead to weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue, headaches, problems sleeping, and can even affect your self-confidence and self-esteem.

I believe however, that we all have the ability to transform our lives, and that power lies within you, more specifically within your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is in charge of your emotions, beliefs and repeated thoughts. When you desire to make a lasting, positive change in your life, it is these subconscious patterns that you must change.

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I’ve been immersed in a holistic approach to life for over 20 years.

At the age of 15, and after a few years of experiencing unexplained tiredness, troublesome gut problems, severe bloating and nausea, I discovered that no one really knew what was wrong with me. After elimination diets, blood tests, and eight biopsies testing for coeliac (I’m not…), doctors shrugged their shoulders and finally gave me the label of ‘IBS’.

But even at that young age, I refused to accept that there was nothing I could do. Instead I turned to nature, wholefoods, and made simple, but powerful lifestyle changes. I overhauled my diet completely, I began reading and researching what I was putting into my mouth. And suddenly I started to notice a change. My energy levels started to improve, my brain fog cleared, I didn’t get sick as often, and my stomach cramps became a rare occurrence.

My choices were literally changing my life.

In my mid 20’s, my wellness journey lead me away from a career in corporate advertising to Pilates, Personal Training and nutrition. I feel in love with learning all I could about health and wellbeing. I started a recipe blog, and even created my own natural health food range because like me, people were struggling to find wholesome nutritious foods they could eat.

At the start of 2014, and after 4 years of being out of the advertising industry, I went back into the corporate world for a few more years. From day one I became the unofficial ‘wellness guru’, and colleagues and clients would regularly ask me for tips on what to eat, how to manage their stress, the best way to kick their sugar habits, and advice on why they were always so tired.

And that’s what lead me to the work I do now.

To formalise my ‘wellness guru’ credentials I added to the nutrition and fitness qualifications I held, and became a Level 3 licensed and certified Health & Wellness Coach (via Wellness Coaching Australia). A year later, I went on to complete a Government accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Why hypnotherapy you may ask? Very early on when I started working with clients, I realised that we can have the best intentions, the strongest willpower, and the most detailed plan, but if we’re being held back by limiting beliefs, old stories and sabotaging patterns then it’s a real uphill battle to create change. Perhaps you have experienced this in your own life? When you desire to make a lasting, positive change in your life, it is the subconscious internal patterns that you must change. This is where the real power lies, the key to success lies in your mind.

You’ll now find me sipping green tea and savouring a piece of dark chocolate while recording new hypnosis meditation audios, and working on ways to support you on your journey to restore your health and happiness from the inside out.

And if you need someone to tell you that change is possible, and that you really can achieve it, then let that person be me. You really can do this.

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