How To Have More Energy And Focus At Work? Try This Simple Approach


It’s 12.52pm and you have 8 minutes until your lunch break. If you’re knee-deep in a deadline you may now be wrestling with how you’re going to finish off what you’re working on, or perhaps you’ve already resigned yourself to either cutting your lunch break short, or skipping it altogether.

Sound familiar?

When you’re up to your eyes and feeling that knot of stress in your stomach, it can be especially challenging to see any positives that can be gained by taking an hour away from your desk.

But hear me out when I say that your lunch break can be your ticket to more energy, focus and creativity!

taking a break helps you break your state and reset

If you’re mindlessly going around in circles on a project, one of the best things you can do is take a break. It sounds counter intuitive, but I’m sure you already know that your best work never comes from feeling frustrated?

So when you’re feeling this way, one of the easiest things you can do to reboot, and get the energy flowing again is to change your state and you can use your lunch break to do just that.

What does changing state mean exactly?

If you work in an office, chances are you are operating in a ‘mental’ state, e.g. typing emails, writing a report. To break this state you can choose to enter an ‘emotional’ state by catching up with a friend or turning up the tunes; or enter a ‘physical’ state by simply heading out for a walk.

It’s really that simple.

Changing state is one of the easiest ways to hit the reset button and get the creativity and energy flowing again. It’s also a great tool to help manage stress ongoing.

How can changing state increase your energy and focus at work?

Have you ever noticed when you feel yourself contract? When your energy contracts it usually feels like frustration, worry, exhaustion, tension, anger, or just feeling plain old unhappy. It’s in these moments that you’re receiving a signal to stop and take a break.

This is when you know you need to change state.

Rather than fighting against these feelings, instead simply acknowledge them and focus on a way to break your current state and into a different one e.g. from physical to mental…. or from emotional to physical. A new state will help you ‘expand’, and welcome in more energy, focus and concentration.

You’ll notice that when you expand, you’ll also tap into the feelings of passion, excitement, openness, creativity, and you’ll be on fire!

The most important and the very first step in this process, is to simply notice that what you’re working on or engaged in is no longer enjoyable. Only when you’ve acknowledged this feeling can you then start to shift out of it.