How to Reduce Your Stress Levels Naturally? 6 Ways to Stop You Exploding


You know that feeling of being so wound up mentally and/or emotionally that you feel like you could just explode? BOOM! Maybe one big thing has recently happened to you, or perhaps lots of little things have built up over time and then a seemingly teeny tiny situation happens which just pushes you over the edge…. Oh yes, I’ve been there too.

Whilst it may feel good to have a good stomp around and verbally release all that caught up energy, stress and tension, it’s probably not going to go down too well if you’re around people, especially if you’re at work.

So here are six ways to release that built up stress and pressure (that don’t involve exploding…)

1. Exercise

One of the best ways to dissipate heavy emotions is to exercise it out. Jump on your bike, lace up your running shoes or attack the weeds in your garden. Whatever it is, use exercise as a way to let that steam out and feel centred again.

2. Visualise it leaving your body

This is a great tool to use if you’re someone who is very visual. Simply find a quiet place to sit or laydown and visualise all those built up emotions and feelings as colours. Perhaps you see them as angry red mist or perhaps a big black cloud hanging around. Using your breath, as you exhale start to visualise and get a sense of those emotions leaving the body. See that red mist or black cloud dissolving away and dissipating from your body.

3. Laugh it out

Laughter has been shown to reduce blood pressure, decrease stress and increase endorphins (those feel good chemicals which by your brain). If you need to release built up emotions give yourself the opportunity to have a really good laugh. The easiest way? Hit up You Tube for those hilarious funny pet clips!

4. Have a cuppa

Drinking green tea is a great way to press the pause button, and the amino acid - L-theanine – which is naturally found in tea leaves, helps to relax the brain. Too easy.

5. Chew gum

Yes, it’s true. Carrying a stick or two of gum in your back pocket may be the perfect antidote to feeling like you’re about to explode! And there’s even science to back it up. Studies claim chewing gum actually reduces the stress hormone cortisol. I say give it ago and see how you feel.

6. Hug it out

Perhaps my favourite out of the above ways to release those built up emotions is to hug it out. Human touch is underrated in my opinion, and with the growth of social media we are growing less and less connected to one another. Studies have indicated that hugging cannot only reduce stress, it can also lower your blood pressure and improve your attitude!

I’m totally in on this one.