Inner Healer - Hypnosis Meditation Session

Inner Healer - Hypnosis Meditation Session


Promote and enhance physical healing

Recording length: 21 Minutes 58 Seconds

Recording Summary:

Your body is designed to heal itself, and by directing your subconscious mind to focus on a specific part of your body, you can increase the natural resources which will go there. When your mind and body enter the natural relaxed state of hypnosis (also known as alpha or theta state), you enter the state where most of your body’s healing takes place.

This hypnosis session will gently guide you to tap into your own amazing ability and capacity to heal. If you are currently suffering from a physical illness or injury, this session will promote and enhance your body’s own natural healing powers.

Unlock the power of your own mind and accelerate your recovery.

Please note: This is an Instant Download! This is not a CD. You will receive instant download access to this recording. 

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