Mind and Body Detox - Hypnosis Meditation Session

Mind and Body Detox - Hypnosis Meditation Session


Feel lighter, cleaner and clearer in mind & body

Recording length: : 23 Minutes 55 Seconds

Recording Summary:

Are you feeling out of balance? Does your mind and body feel sluggish and in need of a detox? In today’s world it’s so easy to accumulate toxins. Whether they come from the food we eat, the lifestyle choices we make, or the thoughts that we think. They can affect everything from your energy, vibrancy, health and even your mood.

Your subconscious mind is in control of everything from your heart beating, to digesting your food, and has the ability to draw out toxins and rid them from the body. In this session you will be guided to switch on your body’s innate healing ability and release and draw out the toxins which are being held inside of you. Start feeling clearer, cleaner and lighter today!

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